Thursday, 26 September 2013

Cheap University Textbooks from

Here are some great textbooks that are on right now! If you want to buy them, then please register with us and contact the seller directly. No P&P charges, no fees. 

The Study Skills Handbook Third Edition by Stella Cottrell
Available at The University of Middlesex, this book is in good condition and at £5 is cheaper than a major online book retailer, and there's no waiting around!

Essentials of Economics by John Sloman

Yes, you can buy this book at the same price online (£15) but if you're at Glasgow Caledonian, you can have this book now and save P&P charges. Go look!

The Law Student's Dictionary by J.E. Penner
For £14, students of Nottingham Trent can have their own copy tout suite.

Operations Management Sixth Edition by Slack, Chamber, Johnston
Way down in Exeter, there are a selection of management books available. Go take a nosy.

The Penguin Book of Renaissance Verse 1509-1659 by David Norbrook
At York St John University for a bargain price of £5. Do you need this book?

Frank Lloyd Wright (Architecture & Design) (Hardcover) by Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer
Available at Brunel Uni for only £5!! Crazy talk.

There you have it. If you need any of these books, or more, please visit our textbook trading site at and see if any of your fellow students are trying to sell the book you are trying to buy. Cut out the middleman!

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