Monday, 29 September 2014

Princes Quay Student Discount Night

Hull shopping centre Princes Quay is holding its first ever student discount event on Thursday 23rd October 2014, and The Book Pond will be there! 

Princes Quay Student Discount

Come and see us on our stand from 6pm to 9pm. We will have leaflets, and free sweets. Come and see how we could help you save money on university textbooks. Spend that money on something more interesting, like shoes. Or cake. Or music.

Princes Quay is Hull's biggest shopping centre, housing shops galore, eateries, a gym, and a Vue cinema. Lots of shops are giving huge student discounts on the night, including The Fragrance Shop, and Dorothy Perkins. Selected stores are offering up to 50% discounts on some products. Princes Quay is in a great part of town, and the centre is built upon the historic Princes Dock. It's a short walk from the interchange. 

The event is being hosted by Nineties Boy (Luke Chambers), and there will be lots of fun games and activities to join in. There will be bowling by Hollywood Bowl, and beer tents from local pubs and clubs. It's certain to be an evening of fun and shopping carnage. 

So come and support your uni town's shops, grab yourself a bargain (or three), and please come and say hello to us on our stand. We really want to help more of you save money on buying university textbooks, so come and talk to us and find out how we work. 

You can find out more by following the event on Facebook at

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Who am I? What does your personality type mean?

Have you ever thought about the sort of person you are?

Recently, I discovered a psychometric test commonly known as the Briggs-Meyer test. I may be waaaaaay behind the curve here but if you haven't done it I highly recommend that you do.

The test is 75% accurate. It gives you a four letter personality type from sixteen recognised types. The type of personality that you have can give a good indication of the careers you could try, and outlines your desirable qualities and also what you, for want of a better phrase, might want to work on.

Try the test here Human Metrics and come back and tell me what you are and if it's accurate for you. I'm really interested.

Me? I'm INTJ. This is the rarest group. For me as a female, it's even more rare. My good points are that I'm reliable, intelligent, and able to build systems to help others. I'm fiercey independent and capable. My challenges are that I'm not overly good at expressing my feelings and tend to assume everyone else is an idiot if they don't see things from my perspective. It's pretty accurate for me. I need to work on some stuff.

It told me that I should have a career as a scientist (probably too late for me), an academic (I'm working on it), or as a business consultant (which is partly what I do for a day job). 

It also says that if I was a Harry Potter character, I would be Draco. I disagree that Draco Malfoy is an INTJ (he's a bit of a bumbling idiot). Not everyone who has an evil mind is INTJ. Evil mastermind possibly, but Draco was never a mastermind, more an evil puppet. Anyway, I digress.

So please do come back and share. I want to see if any of you are lesser-spotted female INTJs and how many of you I need to convince that I'm always right about everything and you should listen to everything I tell you! :)

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Brilliant study tips - from me (and them) to you!

As part of my (ir)regular foray into sharing with you some of the wisdom I have built up after studying for both an under-graduate degree and a master's degree, I have passed on much advice; some of it good, some of it not so good. One of the things I have written about are study tips. In particular I have discussed best ways to meet deadlines, and reasons why students fail

I'm always conscious when writing these pieces that I might be throwing you a duff. After all, we all have our different ways of studying and learning and what works for me might not work for you. All I can do is tell you what worked and what I observed in others so you can make a judgement about whether it's worth your while trying it for yourself. Hey, I'm not the be-all-and-end-all of knowledge. Far from it!

In previous articles, the wisdom I imparted went like this....

1) go to lectures and seminars. Attendance is important!
2) Read the textbooks.
3) Try and predict what will be tested so you can prepare. The reading list is often a bit of a giveaway. Also, read the module handbook.
5) Pay attention to deadlines and don't be late with anything
6) Use your diary to keep track of exams and assignment hand-ins
7) Create a study time-table and set appropriate priorities
8) Speak to your tutor if things start to slip.

I don't think it was anything radical, but I wanted to make sure I was talking sense, so I asked our followers on Twitter for their best study tips.

Helen said "do the reading that's suggested."

Melissa said "Be prepared! Don't leave everything to the last minute. Read loads and research."

So there you go........they agree with me! 

There are no tricks to help you or short-cuts. Read, read, read, do your preparation, and don't leave it too late. Advice not just from me, but from some kind Twitter folk too.

If you've got any to add yourself, please comment below.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Cheap University Textbooks from

Here are some great textbooks that are on right now! If you want to buy them, then please register with us and contact the seller directly. No P&P charges, no fees. 

The Study Skills Handbook Third Edition by Stella Cottrell
Available at The University of Middlesex, this book is in good condition and at £5 is cheaper than a major online book retailer, and there's no waiting around!

Essentials of Economics by John Sloman

Yes, you can buy this book at the same price online (£15) but if you're at Glasgow Caledonian, you can have this book now and save P&P charges. Go look!

The Law Student's Dictionary by J.E. Penner
For £14, students of Nottingham Trent can have their own copy tout suite.

Operations Management Sixth Edition by Slack, Chamber, Johnston
Way down in Exeter, there are a selection of management books available. Go take a nosy.

The Penguin Book of Renaissance Verse 1509-1659 by David Norbrook
At York St John University for a bargain price of £5. Do you need this book?

Frank Lloyd Wright (Architecture & Design) (Hardcover) by Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer
Available at Brunel Uni for only £5!! Crazy talk.

There you have it. If you need any of these books, or more, please visit our textbook trading site at and see if any of your fellow students are trying to sell the book you are trying to buy. Cut out the middleman!

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