Tuesday, 11 September 2012

How An Old Book Can Land You A Dream Job

This is a guest post from Raw Egg Interns.

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After university, people generally have a vague idea of the industry that they’d like to go into. It doesn’t have to be directly linked to their degree; it doesn’t have to be linked at all. However, unless you have looked at what the industry has to offer, it can be tricky to breakdown the job roles to aim for, and even to know what you might enjoy.

Inevitably if you get to interview stage you will be asked; what do you feel you can bring to this job and which aspects of the job are you most interested in? Unless you know how the job works and fits with the rest of the industry, these questions will be followed with a long and resounding uuuuuuuuhm.

Well, that is frankly awkward, so to avoid this we would suggest getting hold of some old textbooks, basic guides or industry magazines and having a good read, before doing anything else. Not all employers want a newbie with experience, but they do want someone who knows what they’re getting themselves into. 

Don’t splash out, second hand books do the job, but do remember that digital and technology industries move fairly quickly, so any books that are pre-millennium are only for an understanding of basic principles, not day to day workings. 

By reading up on the basics, recruiters will recognise that you have put in the time and effort to make the links between your skills and their industry. They will trust that this same level of interest, research and wisdom will be maintained once you’re in the work place.

Go forth bookworms and read yourself to a job. 

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